While many courses have closed in Delhi University’s fourth cut-off list, some have opened again including BA (Honours) Economics at some prominent colleges.

While admissions to the Economics programme had been closed in the third list for unreserved seats at Miranda House and Kirori Mal College, it has opened up for both in the fourth list at 98.75% and 97.75% respectively. The programme also continues to remain open at Hansraj College at 98.75%, Ramjas College at 98.5%, and Kamala Nehru and Gargi College at 97.75%.

BCom (Honours) also continues to be open in many colleges for most categories, having closed for unreserved seats in only 18 colleges. It continues to remain open at Hansraj at 98.5%, Ramjas and KMC at 98.25%, Gargi at 97.25% and KNC at 96.25%.

However, BA (Honours) Political Science has closed in 28 colleges for unreserved seats, and it is closed in all of the most popular colleges. It remains open at Gargi at 97.5% and Kamala Nehru at 96.75%.

Miranda House remains open for a few more arts courses—History at 99%, same as in the third list; Sociology at 98%, down from 98.25% in the third list; and Philosophy at 96.75%, down from 97.25. All science programmes of the college are closed.

Most science programmes have also closed at Hansraj, including Mathematics, Chemistry, Botany and Geology which were open in the third list. Among science programmes at the college, Chemistry is open at 96%, down from 97.66% in the third list; Electronics at 96%, down from 97%; Physics at 98.33%, down from 98.66%; and Zoology at 96.66%, down from 97.33%.

All programmes except Philosophy at 97.5% and BSc (Programme) Physical Science with Electronics at 95.66% are open at Hindu College.